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Rimini is a restaurant in Paphos that offers flavourful Mediterranean dining with not only great menus but a great wine list too.

Food is at the heart of our mission and at our restaurant we value our customer relationships because that is the true pulse of our success. Dine with family and friends while enjoying the friendship and hospitality.

From the classics to our signature dishes all of our offerings are handcrafted from the finest, freshest ingredients available. Our chefs are devoted to perfection, infusing each recipe with their own unique talent and creativity. Come indulge our restaurant experiences of unforgettable appetizers, salads, pastas, pizzas, entrees, desserts, beer and fine wine.

We believe that everyone deserves this kind of experience, and so we’ve also ensured that value is always on the menu—filling and fulfilling food without the inflated price-tag. Spend an evening discovering what Rimini has to offer, and we feel confident we’ll become a part of your best traditions.

We love any reason to celebrate and can help you plan your next dining event at Rimini. If it’s your birthday or having a reason for celebrating we are more than happy to organize your parties or gatherings.

You can find us only a breath away from the beautiful Paphos Castle in Kato Paphos at Blue Horizon, 6 Danaes Str., Paphos (near Neapolis University).

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